Supporting community colleges in educating for and building a green economy
AACC: American Association of Community Colleges
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Community College Presidents, join the SEED Center today! 

The SEED Center offers free resources and learning opportunities for individuals and groups on your campus, take action today!

SEED Members agree to:

  • Incorporate promising practices and curricula into programs
  • Develop and engage faculty and staff
  • Engage students and invite participation
  • Partner with employers and the community
  • Share resources and encourage other colleges to participate

The SEED Center provides you with tools to take these steps and more!

Get Started:

The SEED Center is the first national resource of its kind for community colleges. It’s FREE.

As a SEED member, you will join other colleges as a recognized leader supporting the role of community colleges in fostering economic growth and fulfilling the requirements of the emerging green and sustainable economy.

This resource made possible with the generous support from the Kresge Foundation